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A 100 year old Villa in Herne Bay, Auckland

Application of Peel Away

A 100 year old Villa located in the suburb of Herne Bay, Auckland was covered in layers of paint.

To return the beauty of the wooden facade, we used a combination of Peel Away 1 and Peel Away 8 to remove the old paint and strip the exterior back to the pure wood.

The whole structure was covered with Peel Away 1 and 8. Afterwards, the Peel Away Paper was used to ensure the product works to its maximum potential.

Peel Away used on old villa

Safe and thorough

Peel Away was selected due to the ability to not only remove several layers of paint, but to also encapsule and contain any possibly toxic materials such as lead. As the villa is relatively old, the workers wanted to be certain that the process of stripping the paint is safe for the duration of the job.

Great for small or large, new or heritage jobs

With the paint layers removed, the 100 year old villa can now look forward to a brand new paint job.

If you have any projects that require paint removal, please contact us and we can guide you with the perfect product for the perfect job.