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Stainless Steel Silos in Wynyard Quarter

Application of Peel Away

Two Stainless Steel Silos located at the Wynyard Quarter in Auckland were covered in layers of polystyrene, graffiti and lead based paint.

As the Silos are being retained and kept as a landmark of the area along Auckland’s extended waterfront and planned to be the centre pieces of a new park, Peel Away Paint Removal System was chosen to remove the lead based paint.

The team managed to cover one Silo prior to the Covid-19 lock down and all was going well. The great reveal to the client was after the lock down ended and we all returned back to work.

Peel Away used on silo structures

Safe and thorough

Peel Away was selected by the developers of the park due to the ability to not only remove several layers of paint, but to also encapsule and contain lead-based paints. The surrounding area is a busy destination for Aucklanders to enjoy the water’s edge. Full encapsulation was key to ensure the safety of community members walking by and workers applying the product.

The whole structure was sprayed with Peel Away to ensure that every inch is covered.

Peel Away is an organic paint remover that is designed to encapsulate all toxic or health-averse elements that might be contained in any single layer of paint. This way, it is safe to use anywhere, even in densely populated, urban locations.

Great for small or large, new or heritage jobs

With the paint layers removed, it then needed a light water blast to reveal the still immaculate metal surface.

The Finished Silos in Wynyard Quarter after using PeelAway1 Paint Removal System – We removed the present, to reveal their past – in order to meet their fellow Silos and to be enjoyed by the public within the new park created for the America’s Cup 2021!