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Ponsonby Villa

Application of Peel Away 8

Old villas are full of charm and we have plenty of them in New Zealand. However, as they are dating back quite a few years, there are always concerns that lead-based paint could have been used in or outside the house.

An owner of a particularly old villa in Ponsonby, Auckland found out that her 100 year old house’s weatherboards were completely covered in lead-based paint.

Peel Away 8 used on a 100+ year old villa

Safe and easy to remove lead-based paint

As Ponsonby generally has a very dense population and small to medium sized properties, it was important that the removal of the lead-based paint was carried out in a completely safe and contained manner to ensure the neighbours and occupiers of the villa’s peace of mind.

West End Painters used Peel Away 8, a product that is completely environmentally-friendly and easy to apply. After completing a test patch, we found out that our product removes the top layers of acrylic paint, several layers of lead paint and the sealer beneath with a single spray application.

Peel Away 8 is designed to encapsulate all toxic or health-averse elements that might be contained in any single layer of paint. This way, it is safe to use anywhere around the house and even in dense, urban locations without the need of shrink-wrapping the building.

Great for small or large jobs

With the lead-based paint layers removed, it then needed a wet sand the house to reveal the still immaculate weather boards giving this old Ponsonby villa it’s natural charm, ready for a brand-new paint job.

West End Painters has been using Peel Away on several projects and is familiar with all the opportunities it has. If you are considering to extend your villa’s lease of life with a new, healthy paint job, contact West End Painters.